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"Ride to Survive"


The Aim of Queensland Moto Academy is to provide a safe, skill-based motorcycle assessment centre, where competency-based training is the key to road-alert riders.

Q-Ride is provided within a state of the art, off-road training facility to enhance the learning experience of new riders, as well as develop current riders' confidence and ability.

Experienced motorcycle-specific trainers are committed to ensuring riders not only pass the Q-Ride competency standards but have road awareness too.

Queensland Moto Academy offers a full package of training from Licensing to Track Days and also Training Courses such as Defensive Riding as well as Braking & Cornering. All of these options at QLD Raceway are designed to provide motorcyclists with a safe environment to practice their current skills, challenge newly learnt techniques and maintain their proficiency on a motorcycle.

Q-RIDE Training Courses include:

1 day $325 $350
2 day $525 $550
3 day $725 $750

Q-RIDE Additional Coaching

  • Private Tuition $50/hour
  • Further Courses (once licenced)
  • Track Day Tuition $275.00/day
  • Braking and Cornering Course (POA)
  • Defensive Riding Course (POA)

Contact us for more info on:

(07) 5549 0364
0427 77 1451

QLD MOTO ACADEMY is a QRIDE Registered Service Provider 147Q1106.